Exothermic Gas Dryers are the latest addition to Alhern-Martin's product line.  Built in to these units is the same quality and experience that we have in all our products.  These models will cool atmospheres from 100F to 40F and can remove enough moisture to reach a 45F dew point. A gas-tight steel chamber, finned cooling coils, mechanical refrigerating unit, and control panel are all contained in one unitized, compact assembly.  The dryer is completely automatic with all controls conveniently located above the condensing unit.  Before shipment, all units are pre-wired, charged with refrigerant, and pre-tested for easy installation and trouble-free operation.

The following sizes are standard (custom sizes offered upon request):

  • 2,000 CFH

  • 4,000 CFH

  • 6,000 CFH

Standard Features:

  • Digital output temperature control

  • Complete control panel with disconnect switch

  • Heavy-duty expansion coil

  • Heavy-duty hermetically sealed compressor

  • Dual purpose city water or tower water condenser with water regulator valve


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